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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win a VIP Package to the ASHA Boston Convention

Take a chance to win complimentary registration, a hotel suite, dinner for two and so much more for the 2018 ASHA Convention in Boston.

Sips and Sights Reception To Be Held During ASHA Connect Conference

Going to ASHA Connect? Be sure to purchase your ticket for the ASHFoundation's July 21st fundraising reception at the American Visionary Art Museum, within walking distance from the Baltimore Convention Center.

ASHFoundation Recipient Works to Improve Care Interactions With People With Dementia

New Investigators Research Grant recipient, Natalie Douglas, investigates how to improve the lives of people with dementia living in long-term care communities by coaching staff to improve communication with these residents.

ASHFoundation-Funded Research Uncovers Gaps in SLPs' Dysphagia Education, and Identifies Ways to Close Them

Ianessa Humbert is working to bridge the dysphagia education gap. She believes that her ASHFoundation grant made this work possible, since it would have been difficult to find any other funding agency to support a study that focused on both speech-language pathologists and swallowing.

ASHFoundation Recipient Investigates Whether Childhood Apraxia of Speech Limits Speech Acquisition in Children with Autism

Karen Chenausky is trying to make sense of the complex and understudied area of speech acquisition in minimally verbal children with autism. She hopes to identify how to best teach these children to move from the single-word stage to word combinations, or even sentences.

Creating Possibilities

A message from ASHFoundation President, Allan O. Diefendorf

University Giving Programs Raise Nearly $109,000

The almost 90 University Giving Program Ambassadors set a goal for their faculty members to raise a collective $100,000 in 2017. They didn't just reach their goal; they exceeded it, raising almost $109,000 to support ASHFoundation funding programs.

Newest Faces of the ASHFoundation Board

The ASHFoundation recently welcomed three new trustees to the Board, Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer, Melissa Behm, and Shari Robertson.

ASHFoundation Receives Special Memorial Gift

The ASHFoundation is so grateful to receive two gifts, totaling $16,000, in memory of Mary V. Dickerson.

ASHFoundation Recipient Works to Understand How Noise and Drug Exposure Affect Auditory Perception

Read as Radziwon reflects on how her ASHFoundation funding is advancing her hope to test treatments to restore or preserve auditory function.

ASHFoundation Remembers Alan S. Feldman

We are deeply saddened by the passing of former ASHFoundation Board member and longtime, loyal friend and generous donor who died on January 23, 2018, in North Potomac, Maryland.

Supporting Children With Developmental Language Disorder

ASHFoundation recipient Dr. Amanda Van Horne discusses her work to find ways to more effectively help children learn and use language.

ASHFoundation Grant Recipient Investigates Ways to Increase Speech Intelligibility in People With Dysarthria

Dr. Antje Mefferd discusses how her 2012 New Investigators Research Grant allowed her to collect her first pilot data on speakers with dysarthria who also have Parkinson's disease (PD). She shares how this grant led to her current study of the role of the jaw in speech intelligibility loss and recovery in people with ALS and PD.

Grant Recipient Talks About Why Some Patients Practice—and Others Don’t

Research grant recipient Eva van Leer discusses her ASHFoundation-funded work to improve patient outcomes in voice therapy.

2017 ASHFoundation Awards and Honorees

The ASHFoundation awarded $637,000 to 68 recipients at the ASHA Convention in Los Angeles. Meet the newest awardees.

Happy 70th Birthday, ASHFoundation

On its 70th anniversary, bolstered and emboldened by the achievements of its founders, the ASHFoundation reflects on its role as a catalyst for change.

Events and Deadlines

Sips and Sights Fundraising Reception

This event is in conjunction with ASHA Connect Conference, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland. 

ASHFoundation Fundraising Reception

In conjunction with ASHA Convention, Boston, Massachusetts

ASHFoundation Founders Breakfast

In conjunction with ASHA Convention, Boston, Massachusetts